This site is committed to helping
our Veterans of War to heal from the effects of
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
caused by the stress of continual combat duty.

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Master Herbalist and Owner/Formulator Elijah Free of Earth Friend Herb Co. and associate at Pacific Naturopathic Clinic is a veteran of the Viet Nam era conflict. Elijah has designed and produced an all-herbal formula to help nullify and reverse the chemical changes that occur in the body over extended periods of extreme stress that lead to chronically spiking PTSD.

PTSD occurs when there has been extended periods of extreme stress that causes metabolic changes in the body. When this has occurred often enough, then the body adapts to these continual stressful situations. When these metabolic changes occur again and again, they become permanently anchored in the chemistry of the body. The final result is PTSD also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD means that the cortisol system of the body is chronically spiking with elevated cortisol levels that throw the body into an extreme flight or fight response. It means that the person living in that body is now no longer in the driver’s seat all of the time anymore. They are instead enslaved to the erratic fluctuations of a damaged cortisol system that is no longer working in harmony with the rest of the body. This results in the emotional and physical pain and suffering that is so common with chronically spiking cortisol levels.
The symptoms are many, but all do arise from this one very important function of the body that is no longer working correctly due to the excessive strains produced on the body from combat situations over and over again.

Simply put, the body believes it is still in a live or die situation, and stays perpetually in the heightened state of survival. This chemical signature of chronic high cortisol becomes turned on and the body just cannot turn it off anymore. It is always present 24/7—365.
You can take the body away from the battlefield, but you cannot take the battlefield away from the body.
Until now, that is

In August of 2012, President Obama charged the medical branches of the Armed Forces to do something about the mental and psychological well-being and health of their GI’s. As a healer of over three and one half decades of dedicated work to helping thousands of people become pain free and regain their health, well being and their lives, Elijah felt it was his duty to come to the aid of his fellow veterans since very little was happening toward this goal that appeared promising.

His answer became the all-herbal formula called Cortisol-Ease™.
Cortisol-Ease™ is an all-new concept in herbal healing. It works on naturalizing the damaged and degraded chemical signals of the body that leads to metabolic imbalances. Cortisol-Ease™ was created and designed to neutralize and reduce chronic spiking cortisol levels in the body. This aids in returning the spiking cortisol to normal parameters, thus finally bringing once and for all to an end, the ongoing metabolic condition of war in the body.
It is with great gratitude that we present Cortisol-Ease™ to our vets, finally bringing them all the way home. For more product information please click here, or to purchase the product,

A documentary video about the healing of the first war vet with severe PTSD has been filmed and is available to view on this site. Please click to view.

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Our goal is to have enough people, in the US and Worldwide to sign a petition to get the US Government and the VA and the Military to run the medical study as seen on this site to prove that the protocol detailed here works and should be adopted by the Armed Forces as a means to heal and end PTSD among our brave war veterans. This is so important, and your help is vital to make this work, and for the proper US authorities to stand up and take notice that there is help now at hand.

Please sign our petition. Your help is needed

Enough people sign from around the world and those in charge will have to take note and create the situation to run the medical study to prove once and for all that there is an end to PTSD—NOW.

Thank you so much.

Now please, take a moment and share this on all of your social media. Tell your friends the good news that there is an end to PTSD and then please sign the petition and pass it on.

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Bring Our Vets All the Way Home; a 501-c3 non-profit organization is actively seeking interns and volunteers to work on a project that has the capacity to make a change in the world.

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The documentary video, Ending PTSD—One Veteran’s Answer is available to watch on this site also. The video is the testimony and story of one veteran’s return to life after struggling with severe PTSD for years.

Cortisol-Ease is an all-herbal formula designed to help excess spiking cortisol in the body.

Excess spiking cortisol in the body is the essential cause of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, also called PTSD.

There are many symptoms associated with severe PTSD. A tragically huge segment of our armed forces have been diagnosed with severe PTSD.

Master Herbalist Elijah Free of Earth Friend Herb Co. took to heart the words of President Obama when he charged the medical branch of the armed forces to help our war veterans suffering from PTSD.

Cortisol-Ease is one veteran’s answer.